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Every day on the Internet you can find thousands of different HYIP monitoring. All of them are not much different from each other, so making a choice in favor of one of them becomes quite difficult.

Hyips World arises with the purpose of providing a monitoring service that benefits both hyips admins and investors. Our affordable service tariff and our RCB policy make it clear that we intend to provide the best service to everyone equally.
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On the other hand, investment projects can be added by anyone, since there is no need for button placement. If you are a project administrator or an investor you can add any site to our platform. For investors this is a great chance for attracting referrals.

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Monitored By Us 100
* Hyips (Up To 15% /Month) 5
* Hyips (16-60% /Month) 1
* Hyips (From 61% /Month) 7
* Economic Games 32
* Faucets & PTCs 1
* Blogs & Forums 0
* Monitors 4
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